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Huashu Robot is the brand of Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. It has 9 companies in Foshan, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Ningbo, Suzhou, Quanzhou and other places. It has 4 research institutes in Foshan, Jiangsu, Quanzhou and Xiangyang respectively. It is in the forefront of the industry in R&D investment. Huashu Robot's main business involves R&D, production and sales of industrial robots, and automated production solutions for various industries. It has won many honors, such as high-tech enterprises, academician workstations and China Silver Award for Good Design.

Since its inception, Huashu Robot has been committed to creating a national brand industrial robot with independent innovation, focusing on service, innovation and opening up. Based on CNC technology, quality is the life and product innovation is the core. With the application of the market as the guide, with the aim of localization of core functional components, and with the overall development idea of comprehensively improving the industrial upgrading and production efficiency of the enterprise, relying on Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., the development strategy of “PCLC” industrial robot is formulated: The general multi-joint industrial robot product (P) is the main direction, with the development and industrialization of the core components (C) of domestic robots as the breakthrough point, the industrial robot automation line (L) application as the goal, and the intelligent cloud platform (C) as the industry. Unsurprisingly winning weapons, focusing on the development of robot body and machine performance and reliability...

the advantage of Huashu robot

(1)System architecture: autonomously controllable
It adopts international standard EtherCAT bus technology, supports bus servo drive unit and absolute servo motor; equipped with new generation HsPad teach pendant for user teaching operation; can access industrial Ethernet such as Profinet through gateway device to realize controller and external PLC data communication;

(2) High speed and high precision control
Torque feedforward control based on dynamic modeling and accurate parameter identification;
Global intelligent trajectory optimization strategy for optimal control performance;
Multiple acceleration and deceleration strategy control and smoothing functions"

Simplified drag teaching based on dynamics model;
No sensor collision detection technology;
Alert mode and assist mode combined with sensors
Flexible safety zone setting and one-click return to origin;

(4)Easy to use
Debugging tools: complete parameter debugging and diagnostic tools, command-based terminal debugging;
Simulation tools: virtual control platform, 3D simulation platform;

A variety of secondary development interface, interacting through the command line;
Dynamic library embedding, which can load customer custom modules;
Various sensors, visual sensors, torque sensors, and stability sensors have been successfully connected.

Collaborate with Aerospace Cloud Network to develop a cloud service platform for intelligent decision-making. Based on big data analysis model and deep learning, some artificial intelligence technologies are implemented on huashu robots, such as evaluating robot health status, providing intelligent maintenance and failure warning functions for key components; Multi-sample comparison model for energy efficiency optimization during robot operation. At the same time, some interfaces of the intelligent platform will be opened for the third party to introduce the process and decision model.

(7)Process integration (customized development process package for core users)
Offline programming software
Welding process package
Gluing process package
Palletizing craft package
" Stamping process package"


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