HSR-SR6600 Industrial Robot

"Hua Shu SR6600 is a robot specially developed for desktop pick-and-place installation. Relying on Huazhong CNC's many years accumulation of servo control technology , using self-developed control technology and servo motor performance, the HSR-SR6600 robot can carry 6Kg load with the speed of up to 5000 rpm under high torque conditions, and the length of 1, 2 axis series arm of the robot is up to 600MM. It has the advantages of high speed, high performance, high precision, small size, flexible movement and low price. The first and second axes of the robot in series are similar to the human arm and can be quickly positioned and oriented in the plane. They can be retracted after working in a limited space. The SR6600 can be widely used in the electronics industry, the pharmaceutical industry and food industry and other fields.
1、high performance
High-speed cycle time improves parts throughput
Excellent acceleration/deceleration, matching smooth start/stop time
The high speed cycle time is as low as 0.4S, which makes the parts run quickly and accurately.
Load is up to 6Kg and the rated load is 2Kg so even if the load increases, the robot can maintain high-speed circulation.
Precision machining; Multiple machining processes; Perfect assembly control
Using the advanced foreign measurement and calibration equipment DYNALOG for trajectory accuracy test, strictly control precision.
Re-positioning accuracy of the first and second joints is up to±0.02mm, re-positioning accuracy of the third joint is up to±0.01mm, and the fourth joint re-positioning accuracy is up to±0.01 mm.
The stability test before leaving factory lasts for more than 7 * 24 hours to ensure the stability of quality.
II Ease of use
1. Rich user connector, the internal wiring of the main body integrates the servo motor power wire and coding wire as well as the user-friendly DB15 connector and the threeφ6 air pipe joints, which not only keep the appearance clean, but also facilitate the fixture wiring application.
The 3-axis screw has hollow design that the user's air pipe can be directly connected to the bottom so that after installing the suction cup, the robot can achieve the pick-up motion.
Easily dragging of the robot helps teaching, and the positioning records is more accurate and convenient.
3. a wide range of industry applications
Widely used in: medical drugs, laboratory automation, consumer products, industrial products, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, packaging, semiconductor, electronics and other industries.

application cases of SR series robot

Technical Parameters

Industrial robotHSR-SR6600
Degree of freedom4
Maximum load/rated load6Kg/2Kg
Maximum working radius600mm
Range of motionJ1±132°
Rated speedJ1225°/s,3.92rad/s
Maximum speedJ1375°/s,6.54rad/s
Allowable moment of inertiaJ40.12kg㎡/0.01kg㎡
Allowable torqueJ44.23Nm
Applicable environmenttemperature0~45°
OtherAvoid contact with flammable, explosive or corrosive gases and liquids. Keep away from electronic noise sources (plasma).
Cable Length of InstructorOptional (8 m cable length for teaching device if required)
Body-cabinet connection length3metre
I/OparametersDigital: 32 inputs, 31 outputs (one for control cabinet fault indicator output)
battery capacity0.8kVA
rated power0.6kW
Rated voltageSingle phaseAC220V
Rated current3.2A
protection gradeIP54
Installation methodGround Installation, Desktop Installation
Body weight21kg
Control cabinet protection gradeIP53
Control cabinet size500(wide)×270(thick)×530(high)-can stand
Control cabinet weight38KG

Parameter Diagram of The Industrial Robot


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Huashu HSpad instruction manual

Huashu HSpad instruction manual

Economical Scara Control System Instructions.pdf

Economical Scara Control System Instructions.pdf

PC_Software User's Guide.pdf

PC_Software User's Guide.pdf

HSR-SR6600 Mechanical and Electrical Operation and Maintenance Manual.zip

HSR-SR6600 Mechanical and Electrical Operation and Maintenance Manual.zip

HSR-SR6600-c20 Simulation model.rar

HSR-SR6600-c20 Simulation model.rar

HSR-SR6600 Three-dimensional model.rar

HSR-SR6600 Three-dimensional model.rar




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