JR605 industrial robot vision training platform

JR605 industrial robot vision training platform
JR605 industrial robot vision training platform

Functional description

The practical training platform consists of a 6-axis industrial robot, visual detection system (including a industrial camera, lens, light source and a visual controller), basic work table, PC platform and sorting mechanism. Through visual sorting, visual positioning, grasping, detection, handling, positioning and placement of workpieces of the training workstation, students are able to have a more direct understanding of the composition and principle of robot vision system, learn intelligent vision process editing, which can cultivate students' basic operating ability and comprehensive application ability of robot vision

Can carry out training projects

Basic operation teaching of industrial robot

the learning of Industrial robot teaching

TCP calibration teaching

Establish the workpiece coordinate system for teaching

the learning of Industrial robot teaching of simple trajectory, continuous trajectory and spatial complex trajectory

Basic command operation and position point setting of industrial robot

Robot vision system cognition

Visual detection system sensor and light source type selection, installation, debugging training

Visual image input editing and debugging

Visual results are presented for editing and debugging

Application and comprehensive training of portrait detection system of visual sorting robot    

Equipment configuration list

Serial numberName and SpecificationUnitNumberRemarks
1HSR - JR605 robotset1HUASHU
2Modular experiment 600*480*750set1HUASHU
3Special training fixture for robotset1HUASHU
4Visual system
(industrial camera, lens, light source, vision controller, etc.)
5Vision PC platform
(ipc, display, visual software)
6Visual application training assemblyset1HUASHU
7Computer desk and chairset1HUASHU

Related information download

JR605 Industrial Robot Visual Training Platform.pdf

JR605 Industrial Robot Visual Training Platform.pdf


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