Industrial robot electrical system disassembly and installation training platform

Industrial robot electrical system disassembly and installation training platform

Functional description

Mechanical direction:

The training station integrates the assembly and disassembly engineering module of six-axis robot, through which students can basically master the assembly method of mechanical structure of common industrial robots, including the assembly of body, reducer, motor and its body wiring harness. After practical training, students can basically form the structural theory system of industrial robot, and lay a solid foundation for further study and development in the field of industrial robot.

Electrical direction:

This workstation mainly integrates the robot IPC controller, I/O module, AC servo driver, demonstrator, servo motor and other electrical core parts into the platform for display and teaching.

Through this workstation, students can learn the skills such as working principles of key electrical components of robots, the working principles of common electrical components (switches/buttons/circuit breakers/contactors), the recognition of electrical wiring diagram, electrical wiring, troubleshooting of robot control system, robot teaching program and PLC program design of users.

Can carry out training projects

available practical training programs

Basic operation and programming demonstration of industrial robot

Industrial robot body disassembly Process cognition

Industrial robot assembly process cognition

Basic structural cognition of key components of industrial robots

Assembly precision test and adjustment of industrial robot

Debugging and maintenance of industrial robot control system

Recognition and use of electrical wiring tools for industrial robots

Recognition of key parts and electrical components of industrial robots

Electrical schematic diagram design and recognition, user PLC program design, robot demonstration program design

Parameter setting of robot control system

Robot electrical control system electrical system fault troubleshooting and maintenance

Equipment configuration list

The serial number

Name and specification





HSR - JR612 robots


Basic training platform

set1Non-standard customization

Comprehensive training platform

set1Non-standard customization
4Electronic control assembly and disassembly of the training platformset1Non-standard customization

Computer and teaching software (optional)

set1Non-standard customization、HUASHU

I/O and PLC training platform

set1Non-standard customization

Safety net

set1Non-standard customization

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R612 industrial robot integrated training workstation.pdf

R612 industrial robot integrated training workstation.pdf


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