HSV-150 series servo drive

1.Compact structure, compact size, easy to install and disassemble
2. Supporting EtherCAT and CAN Bus Communication
3.Supporting Torque Control, Speed Control and Position Control
4.Automatic detection of motor phase sequence and automatic adjustment of control parameters
5. Support multiple feedback encoders, including incremental encoder, Hall sensor, resolver, sinusoidal encoder, SSI encoder, etc.
6.Supporting protection functions such as under-voltage and over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature of driver and motor, motor turn-back, driver turn-back, feedback missing, second encoder missing, STO signal not connected, not configured, circuit fault, motor phase missing, etc.
7.Parameter debugging software, through USB connection servo, support parameter self-tuning.
The product features are as follows:
1: Parameter debugging software, connected to the servo via USB, supports parameter auto-tuning.
2: Support EtherCAT, CAN bus communication mode
3: Supports a variety of feedback encoders, including incremental encoders, Hall sensors, rotary transformers, sinusoidal encoders, SSI encoders, etc.
4: Support undervoltage and overvoltage, overcurrent, driver and motor over temperature, motor foldback, drive foldback, missing feedback, second encoder missing, STO signal not connected, unconfigured, circuit fault, motor missing equal protection
5: Compact, compact, easy to install and disassemble"

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About:HSV-150 series servo drive


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