Solution to Integral Factory Automation

A company has built an intelligent workshop with 10 automated drilling and attacking production lines. The intelligent workshop includes 180 domestic high-speed high-precision drilling and attack centers equipped with Huazhong CNC HNC-818AM system, 81 Chinese robots, 30 RGVs and 10 AGVs. Car, 1 set of automatic ingredient detection system. At the same time, it is equipped with industrial software system of national production, including Huazhong CNC new generation cloud numerical control system platform, CAPP, APS advanced scheduling system, MES production management system, 3D virtual simulation system, etc., selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The only demonstration site of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Model Exchange Conference.

A smart factory high-speed drilling center

"A smart factory workshop contains

200 sets of domestic Huazhong CNC high-speed drilling and attack center,

106 HUASHU robots,

10 AGV cars,

20 automatic conveyor lines, and a series of intelligent industrial software.

After the project is completed, it will save more than 60% human resource and reduces the product defect rate by more than 20%."

The overall automation solution for an automotive electronics plant

An automotive electronic equipment adopts the overall factory automation solution designed and designed by our company. The whole project focuses on the automated production and intelligent detection of the body controller (BCM) and the vehicle engine temperature and pressure sensor (TMAP). Production and intelligent testing realize the traceability of each process of the product; reduce the labor while ensuring the stability of product quality, and greatly reduce the labor cost of the enterprise.

Intelligent manufacturing demonstration production line of a home appliance company

A smart manufacturing demonstration production line of a home appliance company is an integrated HUASHU HSR-JR605 robot, a HUASHU HSR-JR612 robot, a HUASHU SCARA robot, an AGV trolley, a bar code system, a detection system, and a total control system. It is a fully automated production line for small household appliances that realizes the entire process of assembly, inspection and logistics.

The assembly line of the chopper in the production line mainly completes the assembly, inspection and packaging of the chopper. The total length of the wire is 39 meters, there are 22 automatic working positions, 8 working positions, 2 of which are online and outside, and the line body Before the automation transformation, 25 operators were needed. After the transformation, only 8 operators were needed, a total of 17 people were saved, and the efficiency was increased from 20 seconds to 12 seconds. When the online body is put into operation, this is not only the case. It is a decline in manufacturing costs, but also more stable product quality.


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