InteRobot offline programming software

InteRobot offline programming software
InteRobot offline programming software

Functional description

Software introduction

InteRobot off-line programming software supports the output of various robot model codes, including HUASHU, ABB, KUKA, etc. Users can customize the new robot, tool fixture and displacement machine, or directly select the library model for off-line programming and simulation, optimization path, interference inspection, and output post-code. Export the control code to perform complex trajectory movements on the robot. Widely used in robot polishing, welding, deburring, coating, spraying, welding and other fields.

Software features

Fast: fast programming, accurate implementation;

High efficiency: increase productivity and reduce labor cost;

Professional: professional machine ^ application process package integration, high-speed, efficient off-line programming method,

Precision: software + hardware = theory + practical software and hardware platform calculation, accurate calibration of the actual position of the work piece, to achieve accurate offline;

Extensibility: software modularity, high scalability, rich secondary development, to meet the needs of customers.

Can carry out training projects

Basic operation of industrial robot

Industrial robot teaching operation

Set up the work piece coordinate operation

TCP calibration operation

Industrial robot feeding and unloading operation

Comprehensive application of industrial robot carving

InteRobot" "off-line programming software training comprehensive application

Equipment configuration list

The serial numberName and specificationunitQuantitynote
1HSR630 robotset1HUASHU
2Engraving machinesheet1Non-standard customization
3fixturepcs1Non-standard customization
4Safety deviceset1/
5Control systemset1HUASHU

Related information download

InteRobot robot offline programming software and engraving workstation.pdf

InteRobot robot offline programming software and engraving workstation.pdf


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