JR603 disassemble and install education workstation

JR603 disassemble and install education workstation

Functional description

The training platform is composed of two parts, namely, "robot mechanical assembly and debugging training platform" and "robot electrical installation and debugging training platform". Typical application training components, such as trajectory description, handling and stacking, are also configured

Product highlights and features

1)In line with the actual industry, highlighting the process assembly standards.

Each link of the training platform is set in accordance with the actual production process of industrial robots. The training and assessment focus on mechanical and electrical installation and adjustment, troubleshooting and maintenance of industrial robots. On this basis, typical functional applications such as trajectory description, handling and palletizing are added, as well as remote control functions of PLC under the external mode of robots. It enables students to understand the mechanical structure of industrial robots and the control principle of electrical system,and to master robot mechanical and electrical assembly technology, mechanical and electrical coupling, fixture assembly and adjustment, typical function application, maintenance and PLC application and other skills, so as to adapt to the industrial market post capacity demand.

2) The core components of the robot are made in China. The system interface is open and is equipped with the special process software package.

The core modules of the training platform, such as the robot itself, controller, servo driver, demonstrator, I/O module and control system, all have independent intellectual property rights (see figure 3). it enables students to master the operation and maintenance methods of the core parts of the robot from the basic principle level through the training.

Can carry out training projects

i. mechanical assembly and debugging of industrial robots

Grading content:

1. Complete the assembly of joint shaft structural parts, harmonic reducer and wire harness of industrial robot according to the assembly process flow chart;

2: Quality inspection of the robot joint axis assembly process;

3. Adjustment and optimization of robot assembly quality.

ii. Installation and debugging of industrial robot electrical system

Grading content:

1. Connect the controller, servo driver, I/O communication module and other electrical components according to the electrical schematic diagram;

2. Setting and adjusting parameters of servo drive and control system;

3. Check before power on;

4. Debug the electrical part of the robot, and judge and eliminate the faults set in the electrical control part.

iii.Mechanical and electrical coupling of industrial robots

Grading content:

1. Test the single-axis and multi-axis coupling operation of industrial robots;

2. Calibration of mechanical zero of industrial robots;

iv. Industrial robot multi-functional fixture installation and adjustment

Grading content:

1. Installation and adjustment of multi-functional fixture;

2. Conduct joint adjustment of industrial robot and fixture, check the linkage between robot and fixture, and the linear motion function of horizontal and vertical direction;

v.industrial robot function application verification

Grading content:

1. Coordinate system calibration of robot tools and work piece;

2. Industrial robot trajectory description program demonstration and programming;

3. Industrial robot handling program demonstration and programming;

4. Industrial robot palletizing program demonstration and programming.

vi. Industrial robot and PLC control testing and debugging

Grading content:

1. PLC programming software operation, program import and online monitoring;

2. Call the functional subroutine of the robot through the touch screen and control the operation of the robot.

Vii. Professional accomplishment and safety awareness

Grading content:

1. Site operation safety protection in accordance with the safety operating procedures;

2. The arrangement of tools, packaging articles, wires and other treatment in accordance with the requirements of professional posts;

3. Teamwork has both division of labor and cooperation, with close cooperation; Abide by the rules of the court, respect the court staff, care about the equipment and facility, and keep the workstation clean.。

Equipment configuration list

The serial numberName and specificationunitQuantityRemarks

Six-axis robot


6 degree of freedom (standard)


Robot mechanical assembly and debugging training platform


Electrical system and components of the robot


Electrical installation and debugging of the robot


robot body tooling


robot multifunctional fixture


Description pen, cylinder clamping, suction cup (standard)


Training object component


Track description, handling and palletizing module (standard)


Mechanical and electrical disassembling tools




Air pump




The computer



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603 mounting platform single page brochure.jpg

Industrial Robot Assembly and Maintenance Training Platform.pdf

Industrial Robot Assembly and Maintenance Training Platform.pdf


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